An executive coach will give you honest feedback

I was reading some material recently from one of my favorite authors and he talked about the fact that it’s really ideal not to try to sell your product and your service to your friends and your family. Those relationships are sacred and they’re important and those are the people that know you very well, that you will know for the rest of your life and that will be there for you to comfort you, no matter what happens in the good and the bad.

A lot of us have turned to our friends and family to try to sell our products and it’s an easy thing to do, but it’s kind of a lazy thing to do and it often doesn’t work very well. We find that those people don’t give us very good meaning very frank or honest feedback about what they actually think of our website, of what they actually think of our products, of how well it works. They didn’t want to hurt those relationships and they don’t want to hurt your feelings, so they’re not really available to give you the kind of feedback that you really want.How to find a good business coach

Sure. They may buy a product or two, but the other issue is that it’s not really scalable. You don’t have that many friends so that you can build a whole business on those relationships. And so, what the author made the case of was that if your products and services aren’t good enough to sell to strangers, then you certainly shouldn’t be trying to sell them to your friends and family.

Most of us believe that the way to get good advice from people is to have a larger community of friends and family. If I can just build my community, I’ll have more people to talk to, more people to bounce ideas off of, more people to help guide my way when I don’t know what to do.

But there’s a couple of major problems with that theory. One is that you’re too busy to go out and make 100 new friends over the next two years. It’s just not going to happen.

And again, just because someone is friends with you doesn’t mean they’re going to be available to talk with you for an hour once a week to talk through your ideas and tell you when your ideas really suck, to tell you that, no, this website actually kind of sucks and I don’t know what I’m supposed to do when I go on to it. If you really want to have that kind of feedback, you need to pay for it.

As an executive coach, my job is to be here to give you honest, straightforward feedback about what I think of your different ideas, to bounce ideas back over to you to determine if you actually believe in them or not.

As well, it’s my job to gently but systematically help you to find your own belief around your decisions and help illuminate where you may have gone astray from your own values that you’ve previously stated.Coaching plus ayahuasa works

Most of us are resistant to getting coaching of any kind. And the stigma way back when was that coaching was only for people that couldn’t make their own decisions. It was like a requirement that maybe upper management placed upon you and you were sort of in trouble if you had to have a coach.

Well, it’s not like that these days. And we find that executives at all levels, including business owners and people at the highest levels of our entrepreneurial culture have coaches.

You have the money to hire a coach. So what is holding you back from opening yourself to feedback from others in the form of coaching and to place yourself into a system of accountability where are you are required to state what it is that you think you need to do to become a better leader, a better business owner, a better employer? And then to do those things over time.

Once you enter the world of having an executive coach, you will find that your business, your life, your income, and your relationships race into the fast lane, that you begin to accomplish the goals that you set yourself out to accomplish and that you very possibly have a better overall experience in life.