Iowaska rebooting the brain & creating change

Why is Iowaska (Ayahuasca) helpful in solving important business problems? I’ve been involved in business for 20 years. I came from an entrepreneurial family and I grew up learning how to do sales and marketing, how to read financial statements and to see the ebb and flow of various businesses my parents owned over the years. I’ve also studied personal development intensely for the last 20 years, it’s a hobby of mine and it’s something I gravitate towards naturally. Ayahuasca vine growing in the amazon

I’ve read hundreds of books, consumed dozens (probably hundreds) of courses and attended many workshops around all forms of personal development and business. I didn’t use to believe that it was true, and over time I did come to the realization that indeed it is true, that the greatest limiting factor or reduced re-valve in the success that you’re able to achieve is you. I’m talking about the stability of your emotions, your leadership skills, your ability to focus and your ability to keep your mind clean and clear and productive and pure.

Growing up in western culture we have a lot of ideas about things that aren’t necessarily accurate. Spending a lot of time in various native cultures, I found that people that grew up in a native culture are much more likely to be stable, happy, focused and generally have a completely different state of mind and wellbeing. That’s not to say that I don’t completely appreciate our home here in the States and where we all came from and where we all grew up. I totally appreciate our political system, and school system and the ways that we came to be who we are and have the ideas that we have.

That said, I’ve found that certain ways of thinking don’t benefit us. Most of us have grown up with a very unhealthy diet, with unhealthy attitudes around certain things and all forms of addictions. I saw many of these addictions firsthand, running our retreat center in Mexico for five years and was stunned to see how these addictions manifest themselves in peoples lives and prevent them from being able to succeed in business.

Indeed, many of the guests that we had come down to our retreat center where very successful business people but were also quite hampered by their own addictions. As well, I’ve seen that something they were suffering from in the modern world is having too many choices. Throughout all of history wanted more and more choices but now that we have almost unlimited choice, many of us are actually drowning in choice and don’t know what to do next. In comes Iowaska. During my first experiences with Iowaska in my continued work I found that it is a great simplifier and helps to simplify thinking and minimize the perceived overwhelm of choice. And as business leaders and executives many of us are seeking the answer to what to do next.

I read a post recently by Seth Godin that said that one of the greatest motivators these days is the motivation to simplify choices and to know what to do to stop being overwhelmed by choice. Simplify your business with coachingIowaska does exactly that. It helps to clarify goals, clarify what needs to be worked on next, get the motivation to do that and make decision making easier.

This is why we’ve chosen to incorporate that into our executive coaching program and believe that it is the single greatest lover for helping leaders, decision makers and business owners know what they need to do next. It also helps to remove obstacles and blocks and emotional stagnation that plagues a lot of us. For these reasons we believe that Iowaska is an incredibly helpful agent for change.