ayahuasca tea helps you clarify your business goals

Why did you start a business in the first place?

Sometimes I find that it’s really helpful to ask questions like this. It points towards so-called zero based thinking, an idea that Brian Tracy championed and invented a long time ago. It basically asks, knowing what I know now, would I get myself into the same situation again? I like to use zero based thinking to check in on my life on a pretty regular basis and to determine, why did I even get into this in the first place? Knowing what I know now, would I get into it again?

One question that’s good to ask yourself is, why did you start a business in the first place? Why did you even do it? Well, learning from one of the greatest business coaches of all, Dan Sullivan, he had some great answers to this question. He said that we form a business for four main reasons, and all of them have to do with freedom. They are:

  • the freedom of money
  • the freedom of time
  • the freedom of relationship
  • the freedom of purpose

A lot of us understand the first two elements inherently.

Freedom of money, we want to have enough money that we need to pay all of our expenses, to pay our taxes, to pay any debts that we have, and to have money left over, and in many cases, as much money as possible for investments, for retirement, for fun, for status, for all kinds of things. We’ve all heard about the Harvard business study that said that over around $75,000 per year per person, most people don’t see a significant increase in happiness. That’s a helpful metric to understand. One question I would pose is, do you actually need to earn more the $75,000 a year? How much more and why?Can you business benefit from coaching?

Then, moving on to freedom of time. This is a big one for most of us, but it’s often elusive. When we start down the road of creating a business and we have more freedom of money, it often means less freedom of time. So the big question is, how do I have freedom of time while also having freedom of money? In my experience, the solution to this is systemizing the hell out of your business to an extreme degree. We’ve done that here with I/O coaching and definitely recommend that you aggressively pursue systemizing business as much as possible to regain that freedom of time.

Some amazing books you may or may not have read are:

  • The E-Myth Revisited by Michael Gerber
  • Clockwork by Mike Michalowicz
  • Work the System by Sam Carpenter

and a few other amazing books around this topic. I would also recommend that you buy or listen to Michael Gerber’s talk in Australia in the mid ’90s. You can find that on YouTube. It’s incredible. Very entertaining and really gives a deeper sense of what the e-myth is all about.

Moving on to freedom of relationship. So what does this mean? Well, one thing that we have all struggled with is being in a work situation where we don’t like the people that we work with, or at least one person that we work with, and so we want to have freedom of relationship. That means not only the freedom of the people that are above us or peers with us, but also our employees.

So can we work with the employees that we want? Can we bring in the people that really create an enjoyable experience for us and a lot of fun? Freedom of relationship also means that we can work with clients that we like. I heard Dan Sullivan talking about one of his greatest aspirations is that everyone in the room he was teaching be able to fire a client, their most profitable client, if they needed to and not even miss a beat.Free your mind with Iowaska

Number four is freedom of purpose. Deep down, most of us do have a purpose that we can identify and say, “This is why I’m here. This is what I’m here to do. This is what feels really good for me. And this is what I would like to be doing more of. If I can do this thing on a daily basis, then I can feel like I don’t really have to go to work at all.” Now, maybe that is a purpose outside of your work or maybe it is a purpose within the business that you currently own. But instead of managing the whole business, perhaps there is a purpose or a particular part of the business that you really love to do.

What is the purpose that drives you, that excites you? That is, in the words of Dan Sullivan, your “Unique Genius.” What is it that you do better than anybody else in the world? And do you have the freedom to be able to do that on a daily basis? That’s what we mean by freedom of purpose.

And if we can move into a situation where we can perform that task on a daily basis, we will have the feeling of not working at all and to be what many call in a state of flow. These four freedoms is what I want for you. That’s why we use ayahuasca and executive coaching to help you accomplish your dreams.