Work with your coach and ayahuasca for best results
So why Ayahuasca? Why Ayahuasca and Coaching? Why not just one or the other or better yet, why not just do nothing?

It’s a fair question, and it’s an important question. Well Ayahuasca is an important tool to find out where there’s blocks in my mind and sometimes actually even in my physical body that are keeping me from being able to reach my fullest potential. When I say blocks in my body I mean actually like physical problems.

For example, maybe there’s a tooth that’s rotten. This is an actual real life example. Maybe you have a tooth that’s rotten and you don’t even know it, but it’s slowly contributing to some low level stress and subtly poisoning you every day. Because when there’s an active infection in your body, that’s actually kind of what’s happening is, you’re getting somewhat poisoned.

It’s contributing to your ability to think or not think. Well, think or not think well. So for example, Ayahuasca might point out to you that that tooth is rotten. Now maybe that sounds hard to believe and a little out there. But the thing is that it’s actually happened to Mark. He had a tooth that was rotten on the inside, he didn’t know it was a problem, and it was actually causing a physical problem that made him think that he had cancer.Executive coaching gives guidance to owners

Well that was very stressful for him thinking that he had some problem going on. He had doctors look at it, think that he had like throat cancer. But doctors kept saying nope, nothing wrong with your throat. But then he went into a ceremony and the medicine came and pointed out and said, well you’ve actually got this really bad infection and you need to go get that tooth looked at.

Well the next day he went to the dentist and the dentist did a scan, an x-ray and he said, oh my gosh, your tooth is rotten, how did you know. That needs to get pulled immediately. This is real, this actually happened, I’m not making this up.

So that’s a way that you can point out some of the physical problems that are happening. Mental things may be getting in the way as well. Maybe there’s a unresolved relationship that you’ve even completely forgotten about or maybe that you think about all of the time. Drinking the Ayahuasca tea helps you learn how to approach that person and resolve some issues between the two of you. It works like that. Maybe there aren’t any issues, maybe it just points out some solutions to some problems that you’ve been working on. That happens also.

So when you pair this type of learning with some coaching, where you’re preparing before and after your Ayahuasca retreat and you’re doing this profound kind of strategic work around your business and you’re really diving in and saying, this is where we need some shifts. This is where I’m having problems, and I don’t know how to work through it.

This is where things are going really well and I’m trying to figure out how to capitalize on that area that is working out. What do I do to make it even better? Well having this regular look at your business and at your goals and what you’re trying to accomplish. Then going into ceremony with that frame of reference helps you come up with the most incredible ideas for how to move forward with these different things.

Iowaska is the worlds best teacherThen having the coaching afterwards helps you actually take action. Have some accountability to say, well this is what I learned and this is what I’m going to do and this is the timeline that I’m going to do it by. When you get back into your own world, get back into life. Even though the lessons from the Ayahuasca retreat are there, the impetus to take action is less as time goes by.

So having your coach where you’ve set some specific goals and you’ve set some specific timelines to keep you accountable for those things. Just helps it all come together and helps you actually bring these new ideas to life and have them be actionable in your business. So that these different things that you’ve been trying to work through become something. They actually … you stop worrying about the same things, you stop having the same problems or questions, those are resolved now because you’ve taken action from what you’ve learned.