Ayahuasca effects and benefits

You’ll hear me talk about nutrition a lot because it’s a big part of where I’m coming from. And it’s not some fad type of nutrition. It’s about showing up to your business with all of your energy, your clear mind, and ability to think through the diverse sets of problems and solutions that you need to come up with. As a business owner, and executive, and entrepreneur, it’s your job to problem solve. It’s your job to delegate and be able to do so effectively, quickly and efficiently. And when your body is running optimally, you’re able to do that a lot better. One of the ways that this happens is by getting your nutrition right. So, I want to about that a little bit more right now and specifically about the smoothie that maybe you’ve heard me reference before.

optimize your performance with business coaching So, I’m going to give you the ingredient list as well as the quantity to use of each of those ingredients. But first, I want to tell you about my journey with nutrition as it relates to ayahuasca, and as it relates to mental clarity. It’s been clear my entire life that there were some things that worked for me in some things that don’t, and everybody kind of can figure that out for themselves. I’m not here to tell you, “Never eat this, never eat that,” because what works for me or what works for someone else doesn’t necessarily work or not work for you. So, this is not some preachy type of advice. This is just something to look into and keep experimenting with. And this is something that I was kind of on the track of before ayahuasca. Yet the first time I took ayahuasca, the very first time, it helped to confirm what I was already discovering. Aya pointed out how strong of a sugar addiction I have.

Now, I personally believe that sugar doesn’t really have a place for most people. It’s not really something that is that beneficial. It spikes our blood sugar and all these sorts of things, which generally are perceived to be not useful, not helpful in terms of nutrition. That being said, little sugar, little this, and that every once in awhile, a little goodies here and there aren’t going to kill you. So, it’s not like eradicate it from your life, but that is one example, as well as dairy, for me that just don’t work. They actually make me have all sorts of physical reactions and ayahuasca has helped point out how true that is for me and how necessary it is for me to get a handle on those foods in my life.

I had a very chronic skin rash for a long, long time that ayahuasca completely dealt with and healed. And what’s interesting is if I eat a little sugar, or I eat a little dairy, the skin rash comes back. It’s just this reminder that these things don’t work for my body. So, I encourage you, find out what works for your body and what doesn’t if you don’t already know. And sometimes they’re surprising things. It’s not even as simple as going and taking an allergy test because technically I’m not allergic to dairy. I’ve gone and had that tested over and over again, and I’m not allergic to it. I’m not actually lactose intolerant, but it … a little personal here, gives me terrible gas, and gives me a skin rash. So, obviously something’s not working. So, pay attention, ask what works for you, ask what doesn’t work, ask ayahuasca what works and what doesn’t work for you.

But before you even have your retreat, before you even work with the medicine, you can start inquiring on this. And, like I said, it’s not necessarily what you’re technically allergic to or what you’re not allergic to. So, just … I’m a big believer in feeling your body and listening to what it trying to tell you. It’ll tell you if it’s helping you or if it’s hurting you. And it might be subtle, but you can get the message if you are trying to understand what it’s telling you.

So, about that smoothie. This is the exact recipe and it’s the exact thing that Mark and I eat every single morning. I would say we’ve probably missed 10 days total over the last two, three years. And that’s because, I don’t know, maybe I’ve already told you, we travel with our blender now. We … even if we’re going somewhere where we know there’s a blender, we take it with us. We take our ingredients with us. I travel with bags of greens. It sounds crazy, but I do. So, I’m kind of extreme in that way. You don’t necessarily have to do it this way, but that’s what I do.

So, the ingredient list is: Good nutrition is essential for business owners avocado, one quart of water, Stevia to taste, raw sprouted vegetable protein powder … we use the Garden of Life unsweetened/unflavored … collagen protein … I think we use Vital Proteins brand and I think that it’s bovine collagen … one leaf of green kale, one leaf of red kale, two leaves of baby bok choy, about an inch of the stem of the broccoli … I used the stem of the broccoli because I prefer to eat the flowers, and so I just save the stem when I’m eating the flowers in other food and use the stem for the smoothie … one leaf collards … one leaf rainbow chard…one heaping tablespoon of VitaMineral green powder, four strawberries, and a handful of spinach.

So, I think I forgot to mention, it’s actually a heaping tablespoon of the vegetable protein, as well as the collagen protein. And this recipe was influenced and inspired by Eben Pagan. He … this is nearly the exact recipe that he uses, although I’ve kind of added and subtracted a few things. But this is what we do every single day no matter what. The … all of the greens have a lot of minerals that we don’t get in food otherwise. The avocado, it makes the texture really smooth, makes it really kind of yummy because it’s so smooth. It keeps you full because there’s so much fat in it.

The water obviously just kind of helps it all come together and blend well. It’s also hydrating. Stevia, it makes it yummy and kind of add a little bit of sweetness with no glycemic spike or load on your system. And that, use as much as you think is the right amount. It’s hard to give you the exact amount because every Stevia … we use liquid Stevia, is different. The sprouted protein makes it more bio-available, so that’s pretty awesome. There’s also a lot of diverse nutrients that you can’t get without it being sprouted and being kind of from, I don’t know, of 50 different vegetables. It’s a lot of different vegetables. The collagen protein, it’s good for your skin, hair, eyes, nails, your cells.

And then the VitaMineral green powder, it’s also very good because it just has, again, a lot of things that you wouldn’t find in the store, like clover that you can’t necessarily buy raw. So, this specific protein or this specific green powder blend is amazing because there’s sea vegetables, there’s land vegetables, there’s herbs, there’s all sorts of different things in it. And this is my favorite one. Out of all the different green powders I’ve tried, tons and tons, this is my favorite. And then the strawberries are really yummy for taste. When I don’t have really ripe, delicious strawberries, I can tell, and it’s not as good. So, that’s a breakdown of the smoothie and a few thoughts on nutrition. I hope it helps.