Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions2019-05-17T18:19:25-06:00
Is the Coaching customized to me?2019-05-12T15:00:36-06:00

Very much. Your specific goals, situation and aspirations help dictate the process.

That being said, there are some standardized tools and exercises that are helpful for most people – so there may be some of that too.

Do I pay for the Coaching? or does my company?2019-05-12T15:00:24-06:00

That depends on your situation. Are you the owner? 

If yes, you can probably write it off.

If no, how awesome is the company you work for? If you have a great leader in your company, they might be willing to help you pay.

Is Coaching therapy?2019-05-12T15:00:52-06:00

Simply put, No. Instead of delving deep into traumas of the past (therapy) coaching focuses on the present and the future. 

Coaching is proactive, positive and helps you cultivate whatever is needed to get to the next level.



How long does the Coaching relationship last?2019-05-12T15:00:44-06:00

The coaching we offer is a three month commitment. If you’d like to continue with your coach, you can sign up for another three months.

What should I wear?2019-05-11T17:27:34-06:00

Check the weather before you arrive. Let this be the primary guide for what you pack.

That being said, when you drink ayahuasca your temperature can swing. You might feel unusually hot or cold, so it’s good to bring layers that can easily be taken on and off.

It’s good to pack light, but bring a few extra items (especially underwear) just in case.

How do you dose Ayahuasca?2019-05-11T17:13:35-06:00

There’s a standard amount that works well for most people, around 40ml. Some people need more than that and it will be offered to them.

You’re at the retreat to have an experience and we do everything we can to ensure you have one. The aya is strong and we’ll give you more until you get into a deep experience with it.

What is in the tea?2019-05-11T17:28:00-06:00

The brew you will drink has no ad-mixtures and only contains ayahuasca vine and chacruna leaf.

The scientific names of these plants are: Banisteriopsis caapi and Psychotria viridis.

What should I do to prepare for Ayahuasca?2019-05-11T17:28:06-06:00

Preparing is actually quite simple. Reduce stimulus (TV, sex, news, social media), get exercise and eat a clean diet. 

Avoid these foods:
Processed food, sugar, salt, fermented foods, alcohol, drugs, lots of oily or heavy food.




Who hires Executive coaches, and why?2019-05-11T17:28:12-06:00

Way back when, companies sometimes hired coaches to fix broken management within a company. These days, companies hire executive coaches as a means to invest in their top executives. There’s no longer a stigma, but rather is more likely seen as a status symbol.

While a business owner may hire their own coach, it’s pretty common for a company to recommend a coach to an executive or employee as a part of a high-end development program. The coachee may be facing challenges, perhaps involving relationships with the rest of the team. Or they may be preparing for a larger role in the organization. And occasionally, coaches can still be hired to help correct personality conflicts and help leaders resolve tempermental problems.

Medical Considerations2019-05-12T15:01:11-06:00

SSRIs, MAOI’s, anti-depressants and narcotics are all highly contraindicated to ayahuasca. If you are taking any of these please get in touch. You can still participate, we just need to discuss tapering off these with the appropriate amount of time before your retreat.

If you’re taking any supplements, medications or have any kind of physical or mental diagnosis please let us know. These things are important to discuss ahead of time to ensure a positive experience.

Is Executive Coaching confidential?2019-05-11T17:28:38-06:00

Absolutely. Conversations between a coach and coachee are always confidential. If a company is paying for coaching for an executive, the company may receive periodic status updates (milestones, by certain established dates), but otherwise nothing is shared unless the coachee agrees to it.

Is Iowaska safe?2019-05-12T15:00:10-06:00

The brew you will drink is pure and has no admixtures and would take a lot (multiple liters) to overdose. This is around 50 times (or more) the amount you will drink to have a full visionary experience. So it is quite safe.

There are contradicted medications and drugs – so you shouldn’t take these at the same time, or before. Please let us know any medication’s or drugs you take (there is no judgement about this).

What’s an Executive Coach?2019-05-11T17:28:51-06:00

An executive coach is a professional that works with individuals (executives, or sometimes management-level employees) to help them clarify goals, gain self-awareness, achieve objectives, and unlock their potential.

They’re not consultants, and they’re not therapists. They usually refrain from giving advice or solving a client’s problems. Rather, they ask questions to help an executive clarify the issue, and help solve the problems themselves.