Coaching will help entreprenuers establish healthy

Do you have your own morning ritual? Whether you think you have one or you don’t have one, you definitely do. That’s just kind of the nature of being human. We thrive with habits, we thrive with patterns, so even if it’s not something that you’ve planned, you do have a morning ritual. So what is a morning ritual?

Well, it’s something that you set up to do every single day and you do it every single day. Why’s this important? Well, to set your day up, to set your life up and your business up the way you want it, you need to be coming at it from the best place in your mind and in your body and your energy level. How much mental clarity do you have? How much sleep, nutrition and availability for creative thought do you have?Work with your coach to build a strong morning ritual

This is a concept that I’ve learned from one of my favorite teachers and mentors, Eben Pagan. He’s a brilliant dude, so if you haven’t heard of him or checked out any of his stuff, definitely do. He’s incredible and wise and a great aggregator of information and really one of the best kind of executive coaches that there are and he’s not necessarily out there coaching in the world, although he does some. He primarily teaches through programs that you can buy and watch and participate in or to live.

But something that he’s taught me and has completely change my life and I have the same morning ritual that I do every single day. And it’s come from him and some of the key components, the ones that I think are most important and he thinks are most important are exercise, getting water, getting good sleep, getting enough nutrition.

So what does this look like? You have to set yourself up for success and set yourself up for actually making this happen, os you have to plan it ahead of time. You have to decide what these things are going to be and so some examples. What might that look like? Well, it looks like getting eight hours of sleep every night no matter what. So it’s best if this is ritualized and you go to bed at the exact same time and you wake up at the exact same time.

Now, you should know something. I am not someone who took to this idea lightly. I like having my freedom. I like having choice. But something that he’s just been really compelling and explained well is that having this level of freedom is actually just, it’s kind of a misnomer. It’s not quite as free as I think it is, because I don’t set myself up for success.

So I do try to go to bed every day at the same time. What time? 9:30, so that I can wake up at 5:30 so that I can wake up and go to yoga at six. So to make this all happen, I have to have an alarm ready to go to bed so that I start preparing, usually around eight, which means I have to have dinner ready early enough so that I can go to bed that early and not have just a huge, full stomach.

So these things require some planning. You have to think about it ahead of time. You have to not just today decide that I’m going to go to bed at 9:30 so that I can make sure to go to yoga at six. You’ve got to think backwards, figure out what time you need to go to bed and then go to bed at that time. Set your alarm to wake up, and then when it goes off, wake up. And then make sure you get enough water.

Exercise everyday for business sucess

So, first thing I do is I fill a quart jar with water every day and I just down it. Now, it’s not really my favorite thing to just drink that much water at the beginning of the day. But I’ve started to look forward to it. Just kind like, all right, going to have my water and why is it important to hydrate at the beginning of the day? Well, just the act of respirating all night actually dehydrates you.

So even though it seems a little weird, just go ahead and drink that much water that early in the day, not necessarily even that thirsty. Well, it’s good to just get yourselves full of water, your brain kind of lubricated and working right because there’s enough fluid in your system. You all know that we’ve got a ton of water in us, 70, 80 percent, whatever it actually is.

So you have to replenish it. Most of us don’t actually drink enough water. And then actually, I usually wake up about 5:15 so that I have time to get enough nutrition to start my day off well with nutrition. Now, I’m not going to go into everything that I do, but we, Mark and I, make a smoothie every morning and it’s basically packed full with the most nutritious vegetables possible. It’s not one of those fruit smoothies. It’s a vegetable smoothie and you know, it actually tastes really good and our bodies, when we don’t have it because we are traveling or something like that, start to miss it. We’ve actually started traveling with our blender and some of our ingredients so that we can have our smoothie wherever we are because we miss it otherwise.

So the most important things are exercise, water, enough sleep and good nutrition. And you need to do those every morning, predictably. For bonus points, learn every morning. 30 minutes. A lot of people talk about this, but Brian Tracy is another just gem who I’ve learned a lot from. He says spend an hour every morning learning, and I’m guilty of not doing that every morning.

I’ve gone through different periods of time where I do that very religiously and it’s part of my morning routine and it doesn’t change, but if nothing else, get exercise, water, eight hours of sleep and set yourself up with some good nutrition. For me, it’s a green smoothie. And the nutrition part, I’ll just say a few more things about that. It’s important because if you start the morning off with something nutritious and healthy that just works for your body. I mean, whether it’s a smoothie or whether it’s something else, just something that works for you that you don’t get sick of that fuels your body to give you enough energy and stamina and mental clarity.

It’s really helpful because when you kind of eat garbage at the beginning of the day, it just kind of sets up the rest of the day and your body to crave more garbage. I don’t know if you’ve 

ever experimented around with that, but I certainly have. And if I eat something that’s kind of bubblegum food. I don’t know how else to call it, but just not really even very sustaining. I just kind of want more of that same thing.

But if I have the smoothie, for me, that’s really satisfying, really keeps me full and also it’s not heavy so I can just kind of like navigate the say and not have to think about food for a while. And it’s a really helpful thing to do. So set up your day with a morning ritual that happens the same every single day. For me, it’s eight hours of sleep, drink some water, make my smoothie, and then go to yoga. And then come back and I drink more smoothie.

And then I get into my day. Then I look at emails, then I look at my phone, then I just take care of whatever I need to take care of. But I’ve done all of this set up so that I’m kind of ready to take on whatever’s in my inbox. Well, effectively, efficiently and with a clear mind and feeling really good.

So try it.