Our Ceremonies

We have a variety of alternative modalities available at our retreats for ayawaska in Sayulita, Mexico.

Experience the ancient traditions of ayawaska, other sacred medicinal plants, sweat lodges and more. Through educational talks and first-hand experience, you’ll come to understand the mysteries and healing available to us all.

Typical ayawaska ceremonies begin not long after sundown which happens around 7 or 8pm here.  As the Maloka becomes dark, the sound of the rattle will begin and your journey starts.  The shaman will sing beautiful icaros, and there will be some purging going on.  Ceremonies last around 4-5 hours.  The peak is usually around 2 hours in to ceremony, with a smooth gradual landing over the next few hours.  Don’t be surprised though, if you find yourself having another peak experience some time during the last few hours of ceremony.

The icaro is a medicine song that the shaman works with to wield the energy of the room and certain individuals. It is also a tool used to energetically work on individual ailments of all kinds. Depending on the work that needs to be done, depends on the icaro that is sung or whistled. You can read more about icaros in the blog.

After the conclusion of ceremony can be a really fun time. Typically it’s a very light hearted and often full of laughter and smiles. Some folks like to crash right after a ceremony, but others like to hang out, listen to music and talk. Ayawaska has an amazing quality of bringing people together and creating community, which we’re all about. You’ll probably meet some of your new best friends here. The next day people rest, explore the area, delve into creative outlets and then we do it all again.

As stated above, there are other modalities and traditions available. Which is another reason why to work with Amor y Luz. We honor the traditional medicine, but also draw from other deep healing styles. To date these are more of an added bonus and there aren’t yet formal ceremonies. Once we get to know your specific intentions and needs, we may offer these in additional to ayawaska. We’ll keep you posted though as these other deep medicines develop and are more available to you on demand.

After ayawaska, you’ll likely receive some unimaginable benefits.

Some fascinating things that we’ve found happening:  Your skin will become more clear, your eyes will be brighter and will see more clearly (as is you took a squeegee to the windshield).  You will be flexible and able to get in to deeper positions in yoga than you have been able to lately.  You will feel a profound sense of calm and well-being.  You will feel great.

Check the retreat schedule for your next opportunity to grow with ayawaska.