What is Iowaska, and why am I hearing so much about it?

Good question.  We first experienced Iowaska (spelled “ayahuasca”) a few years ago, and it changed everything for us.  This amazing rain forest medicine is getting so popular because it has the ability to heal many different kinds of maladies of the soul, and can really help with many bodily forms of illness as well.  We are so excited to tell you more about this beautiful plant.


Amor y Luz is a donation-based Iowaska retreat center located in what we consider paradise. We think you’ll agree. Nestled in the quaint fishing village of Sayulita, Mexico, you will find Amor y Luz. We love the combination of  the warm ocean, jungle, cobblestone streets, sweet smiling faces and palm trees. It really doesn’t get much better than this.

We work with traditional Peruvian healers that have been trained for generations to work with this medicine.  We are committed to helping you have a safe, comfortable, and beautiful experience with Ayahuasca.  We’re here to support you and will do our best to make sure your time with us is wonderful.

Our work with Iowaska is based on the following principles:

Supporting native communities through fair wages and continued partnerships and trade.  We are deeply passionate about indigenous societies and feel honored to be allowed to work within one.  We strive to remain always humble and respectful of the traditional ways of our Iowaska shamans, staff, friends, and partners.

Supporting rain forest preservation and education.  We believe that the health of the rain forest is in direct relationship with the health of the earth and her inhabitants.  Therefore we advocate for rain forest advocacy efforts in the various countries that form the Amazon basin.

Education about Iowaska (Ayahuasca), and other traditional plant medicines and healing modalities.  We believe that in many ways, indigenous healers have a lot more figured out about the needs of the human spirit and body than modern science and medicine.  Though we appreciate western medicine styles, we feel that much critical information about the use of plant medicines has been lost.  We advocate for the preservation of these techniques moving forward in time.

Donation based retreats.  Like some of our other friends doing Iowaska retreats, we believe that you should experience this medicine whatever your financial situation.  As well, if your time with us is not what you were hoping for, we may ask how we can improve, but we don’t expect you to pay.  We request a minimum deposit to reserve your spot, but this would be refunded if we don’t meet your highest expectations at Amor y Luz.

Please take your time to look around the site and see what we offer at our center.  This is a beautiful journey you’re on.  We hope it serves you well!